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[OOC - Permanent Concrit Post]

Always at the top!

If you want to say anything about the way I play Pearl, if she's out of character or if you know a way I can play her better, please, please comment here. ^^

[IC contact post!]

text | phone | camera | email

"... okay, I think it's on... Um, hello, this is Pearl Fey! I'm afraid I can't get to my cell phone right now, but please leave a message and I'll try to get back to you!"


Mobile number: private; if you're her friend, assume that she's given it to you!


You know the drill, guys! This is the IC contact post for Pearl - leave her a message or make a phone call, just make sure you put whatever the medium is in the comment subject line!

[ ♥ OOC: CR Meme redux!]


Family, or as good as.
Best friend.
Romantic feelings for.
Curious about.
Wary about/doesn't trust.
Scared of/dislikes. She's got her eye on you and her armour-piercing slap at the ready.

all you need is love, love is all you needCollapse )

Last updated: 01/02/2011


I know that there's a virus going on right now, but even so this is still worth a try.

... does anyone know anything about curses?


[Exhibit A: the Fey Mansion, secluded in the picturesque yet quiet Kurain Village in the mountains of California, surrounded by a great quantity of forests and mystical waterfalls.

Exhibit B: one of the larger rooms in this mansion, all open spaces and wood floors, set up with two large futons and blankets, a smallish, somewhat retro TV and DVD player, and the complete Steel Samurai box sets. And a large supply of snacks kindly provided by the right honourable Master of Kurain, Maya Fey.

Exhibit C: the eleven-year-old girl currently waiting on the steps of the aforementioned mansion, positively vibrating with excitement. Anyone who happened to be heading towards the place for say, a girly sleepover or something, wouldn't be able to miss her.]

[Private; hackable]


I wonder if she'll ever be sorry for what she did.

((So Pearl went to see Morgan in prison yesterday for the first time in... well, a while. It didn't go well. :|;;;))
Hello my lovelies! I got a personal virus for Pearl approved a couple of days ago which I'll be affecting her by in the next few days or so, but before that happens I wanted to get your input on it. Because basically, I'm flash-forwarding Pearl to her early 20s for a few days - so for as long as she's affected, she'll be roughly 12 years ahead of the rest of the community, will have grown up with it, etc.

So what I need your help with (especially for canonmates and close friends of hers), because I don't want to godmod, is just a quick outline of what your character's up to in 12 years, if they're still on the comm at all or if they've left but can still be world-hopped to, anything like that that future!Pearl would know. If you want to plot what their relationship's now like in 12 years' time with me as well, I'm up for that, but a quick outline will do. :>

also, Ichi and V, is it okay for us to assume that future!Pearl can speak Italian because the Italies taught her sometime during those 12 years? ^^


[locked to Mileina]

Mileina! I really hope you can reply to this as soon as you've seen it! There's something really really important that I have to ask you about!
- Means that she has a crush on you, d'aww.
- Means that she considers you to be one of her best friends, almost like family.
- Considered a good friend!
- Means that she considers you to be a friend. ^^
- Has talked to/considered an acquaintance/neutral opinion of.
- She quite honestly doesn't like you at all. You have to have done something pretty bad to have ended up here, honestly.

SO WITH THAT IN MIND, and including dropped characters that she's built CR with (in {}s):

I know you! You're Mr. Nick!Collapse )

If I've forgotten anyone, let me know, I'm hopeless with Pearl's CR. ^^;

Last updated: 20/04/2010


[Locked from Edgeworth]

I only just realized, but it's Mr. Edgeworth's birthday tomorrow. It seems to have come up really fast this year! I guess that's because we've all been so busy looking for Mr. Nick since he went missing that we haven't had time to think about other things... I really do hope he's okay. I'm so worried about him, but we can't find him anywhere.

But I haven't got to give up hope! I really miss him, but if Mr. Edgeworth's right and it's the community's fault, then maybe there's a chance that it was like a virus.... but I don't know. I have to be strong though, for everyone else's sake!

A-anyway! Mr. Edgeworth hasn't mentioned his birthday at all, but I don't want him to be by himself this year. Especially since Mr. Nick is still missing... I know that he must be very worried as well, but we should still try and make his birthday as good as we can. I'm going to go and visit him tomorrow as a surprise!