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Pearl Fey
1 July
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IMPORTANT! This journal is no longer in use. DDD Pearl has now moved to ghostshippingly. ♥

pearl fey.

what? female. 11. human. american. spirit medium. shipper. amateur detective. occasional courtroom assistant.

who? impossibly optimistic. kind. cooking enthusiast. steel samurai fangirl. intelligent. naive. hopelessly romantic. trusting. refined. learning italian. forever bouncing back. stronger than she looks. wiser than her years.

mun: fel. japanese standard time. aim: hangswithtraps (rarely used). plurk: Tenfel. lj: raspberrybeanie. also played [at ddd]: the doctor [tenth] | arthur kirkland [england] | lyle dylandy | roxas | madoka kaname

disclaimer: pearl fey belongs to the capcom game series ace attorney. i do not own her and this rp journal is not for profit - i'm just out to have fun. ♥

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